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Text Box: Public Notice for Operating Assistance

This is to notify all interested parties that the Crow Nation Reservation Transit System is applying for $75,000 under the Montana Department of Transportationís Operating Grant Program.  Funding will be used for operating expenses associated with providing transportation services to the general public, elderly, and persons with disabilities within the Crow Reservation, Hardin, and Billings areas.  The application is on file at Crow Nation Transit Office located at 1 Circle Lane, Crow Agency, MT.  If requested, a public hearing will be held and public notice indication the location, date, and time of the hearing will be provided.

Pattison Sentenced On Drug Charges

room, 68 in the greenhouse and shed.  They also seized loose marijuana.  

        Several witnesses confirmed that PATTISON would take and receive orders for marijuana and Gierke, Birdinground, and another individual would deliver marijuana to the buyers.  Several witnesses will testify that after Ross PATTISONís house was searched, all deliveries were then made by Strecker or the others.

        During an interview with law enforcement on April 22, 2011, Birdinground admitted his role in the conspiracy to distribute marijuana from PATTISONís and Streckerís Hardin residences.  The marijuana that he possessed on April 22, 2011, was marijuana that he was delivering for PATTISON and Strecker.  The marijuana was ordered through PATTISON.  Birdinground would pick up the marijuana from PATTISON and give PATTISON the money after the transaction.  PATTISON and Strecker paid Birdinground $800 every two weeks. 

        During an interview with law enforcement on May 25, 2011, Gierke stated that he helped set up the greenhouses and watering system as part of the marijuana grow operation at Streckerís††††† continued page 9